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GC2020 Proposals

The following chart was created by Ask The UMC and UM News, 2019. We have uploaded images for display on our website. View and download the original PDF document posted on UM News. As noted in the chart: “This summary compares proposals from various groups, in alphabetical order, about the structure of The UMC. It does not include proposals from individuals. Further details are in the documents and legislation. All proposals will be open for

Our Agenda – Navigating the Conflicts and Potential Impacts of GC2020

The latest news about splits and issues of the denomination challenges us to be vigilant and dedicated to the needs and interests of Black Methodists. We are tackling the growing issues and reviewing posts such as those linked in this article. Stay up-to-date and join us in Atlanta for our Friday session. FRIDAY – United: The Black Church Agenda within The United Methodist Church. In this session of United 2020: What is the Black Church